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About Us  is a one of the products of Techlinks Media. was created to project Nigeria’s Tech industry to the rest of the world. We search all nooks & crannies of Nigeria, looking for inspiring tech stories of young Nigerians that a making differences in their own little ways. Our interest is mostly tech related.

Apart from Showcasing Tech achievements from Nigeria, Techlinks also tries to use this channel to make regular Tech challenges  simple. We do this by creating step by step guides about how certain tech related tasks are carried out. Tech Issues such as blogging, Fiverr, making money online, TV and decoder related challenges etc are some of the issues we deal with.

Techlinks Media; Our Team

Our team is complete with specialists in blogging, software development, as well as electrical Engineers. Video and Audio editors, content developers Network analysts, as well as Studio Engineers also form part of our team. We work round the clock to ensure that we provide content that satisfies our viewers’ interest.

Techlinks Media; Our Vision

The Vision of Techlinks Media is to showcase the technological achievements of Nigerian based Techies to the rest of the world, while helping Africans solve simple tech related challenges.

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