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Changing Tower Aircraft warning Lights; Engineer Pascal shares a personal Story in 2023.



Changing Tower Aircraft Warning lights is one of the most tedious and risky jobs on planet earth. It is a task regarded as ‘tasks for the brave’. Anyone who has phobia for height cannot come close to performing this kind of task.

An Aircraft warning light is usually positioned on the Tip of high rise towers to ensure that low flying air-crafts are warned about about the existence of such towers.



What is a Tower Aircraft Warning Light?

A Tower Aircraft Warning Light is a type of aviation lighting system used on tall structures, such as communication towers, wind turbines, or high-rise buildings, to warn low flying aircrafts of their presence. These lights are essential for aviation safety, especially during nighttime or low-visibility conditions.

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Tower Aircraft Warning Lights are typically installed at various levels on a structure to make it more visible to approaching aircraft. There are different types of lighting systems used.

Without Tower Aircraft warning Lights, there are chances that low flying aircrafts stand a chance of colliding with high rise structures like communication towers.


Interview with Engr. Pascal Ekanem of Pascal Telecomms Technology Limited.

The following is the text of the discussion our I had with Engineer Pascal Ekanem when I met him on site when he replaced Tower Aircraft warning Lights on a communication Tower;

In this chat, Chibueze is our reporter who interviewed him.

Chibueze; Good to meet you sir, for the purpose of this interview, please tell us your name.

Pascal; Good day to you Chibueze, my name is Pascal Ekanem, the founder of Pascal Telecommunications Technology Limited.


Chibueze; Can you Please tell us what you are doing here?

Pascal; As you can see, I am here with my colleague, (he points at Mr Udak, his trainee who he said came to carry out the task with him), our Task here is simply to change the Light bulbs on this tower. Describing the tower, Pascal said “this is a 120-meter tower, located here in chokocho. This tower serves a popular Radio Station (Name withheld) here in Chokocho, Rivers State Nigeria.

120m Telecommunications  tower Located in Chokocho, Rivers State.

Pic 1; A 120 – meter tower

Chibueze; Changing this light bulbs implies that you are going to climb to the highest point of this tower, how are you prepared for this task?


Pascal; I am a certified Rigger, I know what it takes to perform this kind of task, therefore we came prepared. As you can see, I have my helmet, my safety boot, and most importantly, my belt. These safety Gadgets gives me confidence up there and helps me do my job without doubts nor fear.

Pascal the Rigger gets set to Climb the 120m Tower. He readies himself with all required safety Gadgets.

Pic 2; Engr. Pascal the Rigger gets set to Climb the 120m Tower. He readies himself with all required safety Gadgets.

Just before climbing the tower, Pascal and his colleague said a prayer to God.

Choice of Tower Aircraft Warning Light

There are several factors to consider why selecting the kind of light to be used in on a Tower. It is important to understand that climbing a 120m structure is not a task one would want to perform on a weekly basis, so it is important to ensure that the bulb being chosen is one that must last for as long as possible.

While some people prefer DC bulbs, others have no problems using AC 220v Bulbs. People who use 12v DC bulbs say it is safer to use such bulbs in order to eliminate the risk of have a 220v current leak and get the entire tower completely electrified. They also say there is no need to waste energy and cable trying to wire the entire tower in order to put a lighting point at the peak of the tower.


Video Shows Engr Pascal and his man while on the tower changing the aviation light bulb.

However, people who prefer AC bulbs say there is no difference in the cost installing the either of the two types of bulbs. they argue that the cost of purchasing a solar powered DC light with lithuim batteries for five different point will be far higher that using AC bulbs.

In the site where we meet Engr. PAscal, AC bulbs were used.

Tower Aircraft warning Lights

Pic3.0 Light point found at the peak of the Tower just before it was replaced.

Tower Aircraft warning Lights after it was changed.

The result

After the task was completed, our reported waited for night fall, so he could get a clear shot of the job done.

About Pascal Telecommunications Technology Limited.

Pascal telecommunications Technology Limited is a tech Start up based in Rivers state, Nigeria. It is an indegenious company registered in Nigeria by Pascal Ekanmen and a second Pascal Ekanmen Junior.

The company started operations in Nigeria in 2021. Pascal Telecommunications Technology Limited (PTTL) is focused on providing quality telecoms installation and maintenance across the Niger Delta parts of Nigeria.

The services offered by PTTL includes but don’t limited to the following;

  • Tower Erection
  • Mast construction and installation,
  • Fm Antenna array installation and alignment,
  • Microwave dish installation and alignment,
  • RF cable installation including; 7/8, 1 ⁵/8, 3¹/8, etc.
  • Satelite dish installation and tracking,
  • VSAT installation and setup,
  • UHF/VHF Radio Repeater installation,
  • UHF/VHF Radio Programming,
  • other telecommunications relation jobs.

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