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Gender stereotypes and bias have continued to hold women in tech down.

Though it may not be noticeable to many of us, gender biases and stereotypes have been deeply ingrained into our working norms, influencing the way we work – from our hiring processes to our daily environment, workplace and interactions.

How do we break the bias

  • Get your daughters early in STEM; introducing your daughters and young girls early in STEM will go a long way in solving the inclusion problem. Society at large would not see a gap. There would also be no such thing as a male career or a female career. Introducing young girls early in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics will spark their interests at an early stage.
  • As employers take steps to become more inclusive; the tech industry has shown much deficiency in female representation and this can be solved by employers hiring more women in tech. Also, employers should deem it necessary to compensate employees equally not minding the gender.
  • Support and join communities: supporting and joining organizations that help train and equip women in tech such as HerTechTrail, Web3Ladies, ShecodeAfrica, Techster. This helps break the bias because women will find role models among themselves and also share experiences of how they were able to break the bias in their workplaces.
  • Mindset Shift: The tech industry is for both genders and as such both must be equally represented. To break the bias as a woman, don’t say you cannot do it. Take all the necessary steps to get it done. Believe in your ability as a woman in tech.
Happy International Women's Day
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