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How to Download Videos From YouTube in 2021.



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If you wish to know how to download videos from YouTube, it’s obvious you are at the right place.

I’ve come across people asking questions on downloading Videos From YouTube. Such questions as

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  • How to download videos from YouTube for free,
  • How to download videos from YouTube to computer,
  • How to download videos from YouTube on iphone,
  • How to download videos from YouTube on Android.

So if any of the above questions are in your mind, I welcome you to the answer.

There are several ways to download videos from YouTube. But today, I’ll be showing just two of such ways.


Two ways to Downloading Videos from YouTube

  1. Using the The YouTube App.
  2. The “ss” Method.

How To Download Videos From YouTube using The YouTube App.

YouTube App provides a way for videos to be downloaded from its site. However videos downloaded through this app cannot be transfered to other devices.

Moreso, videos downloaded through the YouTube App cannot be edited nor viewed through any other app except the YouTube App.

To download videos from YouTube using the YouTube App, take the following steps;

  • Open the YouTube App. If you are using an Android phone, then it’s most likely that there’s a YouTube App on your phone.
  • Search and locate the video you wish to download,
  • Locate the download button just below the video.
  • Click the download button.
  • Once you do this, the video would be saved on your phone drive.
  • Ensure that you have enough space on you phones internal memory because videos downloaded like this cannot be saved on memory card.
  • Still confused, see the video 1 below for Illustration.
Video 1; How to download videos from YouTube using the YouTube App.

How to Download Videos From YouTube Using the “ss” method.

Downloading Videos on YouTube can also be achieved using the method I’d like to call the ‘ss’ method.

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It’s simply adding the prefix ss before the url of your video. This method does not necessitate the installation of any software or browser extensions. All you have to do is append “ss” to the URL of the YouTube video you wish to download. The “ss” YouTube video download method works on any device, including Android, iPhone, and Windows. It is compatible with both laptops and desktop computers, and it can be used with any browser.


So to use the ss method,

  • Open your YouTube on a browser,
  • Go to YouTube by visiting
  • Search for the video you wish to download
  • When you locate the video, go the url of the page,
  • In front of the url, just before the, attach the prefix “ss”,
  • It will appear like this******
  • Then click enter
  • You’ll be taken to another website where you may save the video,
  • This is the website, which is the parent website of,
  • This screen will show you all of the information about the YouTube video you want to download.
  • You will discover information such as the video’s runtime, title, and download URL.
  • A drop-down menu will appear to the right of the Download button in green. Select the format in which you want to download the video by clicking on it.
  • To begin your download, select the “HD/MP3” option if you want to convert it to MP3.
  • For Illustration, see the video 2 below
How To Download Videos From YouTube in 2021

How to Locate the url of a Video on YouTube App.

Someone might be asking, “what’s if I’m using the YouTube app, can I download using the “ss” method?”. The answer is yes.

Simply follow these steps to locate the url of a video on the YouTube App.

  • Open your youtube App
  • Search for and locate the videos who’s url you wish to copy,
  • just below the video, you will see a share button,


Always obtain a permission from the original owner of a video if you intend to use their video.

I’m not sure it’s legal to download videos from YouTube. This blog post and videos were created for enlightenment purposes. Techlinks will not be held liable for anyone that goes on to use this method to break laws.

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