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Atlassian Community Event 2021



Up to 50% of digital projects never get completed because of a lack of processes and management.

And up to 70% of digital products fail and are never used by the target users, even in big brands.

Find out how to manage digital products/projects in the Atlassian Community launch event on Saturday, 14th of August, 2021 with our rockstar speakers.

Learn how best to get started in


*Product Management

*Project Management

*Introduction to Jira as a project/product management tool.

Who Should Attend The Atlassian?

This event is for:


*Practicing and aspiring PMs

*Software Developers

*Product Designers

*Startup Founders


*Agile Team Members

*Remote team members

Attendance Benefits

*Meet Rockstar Speakers

*Networking Opportunites


*Great food

*Opportunity to win exciting prices

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