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How to pay for your Startimes subscriptions on line



You can now renew your Startimes subscriptions with ease and convenience and never again miss out on your favourite programmes. Quickteller has simplified the payment process for Nigerians by making it easy for you to pay your Startimes bill on, at the ATM or on the Quickteller app. It’s so easy.

How To Renew Startimes Subscriptions At

==>Click on the Make Payments tile
==>Click on the Select a Service Category drop down arrow
==>Select Cable TV Bills
==>Click on the Startimes tile
==>Enter your Smartcard Number, Email, Mobile Number and the Amount
==>Click “Continue” and continue payment

==>Alternatively, you can just go to: Enter your details and make your payment.

startimes payment

How To Pay Startimes Bill At the ATM

==>Insert your card
==>Select Quickteller, then Pay bills
==>Choose your account type. Savings, current or credit
==>Select Others
==>On the screen that asks for Merchant Code’, enter 240534  as the merchant code
==>On the screen that asks for ‘Customer Reference’, enter your Smartcard Number
==>Select PROCEED to accept the amount displayed
==>Follow prompts to complete the transaction

How To Recharge Startimes Decoder On the Quickteller App

==>Launch the App
==>Select Make a Payment
==>Select Cable TV Bills
==>Select Startimes Payments
==>Enter your Smartcard Number and Amount
==>Click Next and complete payment

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